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American higher education baffles me. The best universities in my country are completely free, and even the private ones are not so expensive that it’d force someone to incur in debt.

Could someone tell me how much US students pay to attend college? In Canada, colleges tend to be 3-5K a year, and universities are 5-7K.

Most schools are between 40-60K.  Some (like NYU and a few others) are more.
And no.  That’s not a typo.

Society wants us to be educated yet the prices are 40 K thats not right

Look at it this way.
In America, you can attend a college for as little as 20k a year, a basic community college, and it may even be cheaper, or possibly higher. But if you want to go to a prestigious school, you’re looking at 40, 60, 80, and even way higher.
To become a Nurse in America, you need a good 4 years of college under your belt, and your annual pay can be anywhere from 80-90ish thousand a year once you do finish your schooling.
If you choose a school that’s 60k a year though, That’s 240k, which you could technically pay off in what.. 3 years?
Don’t forget about the cost of living, the school books, health insurance, car insurance, food, rent, medical bills if you are already ill or have medical issues, gas, dental insurance, cell phone bill, and so on. Oh, don’t forget about our student loans too, which people are suckered into.
But here in America, you can enter the sex industry and make over 100k a year, even up to 300k or higher, without any schooling, depending on your ambition.
In fact, you can build an entire empire on the sex industry in America and through the internet, or you can totes be a nurse in the medical field, as both the sex industry and the med. field are always growing. Granted some schooling might help with filming, but needless to say, I could sign a contract right now that guarantees that I make atleast 70k+ a year, jacking off on camera, which is nearly on par with what a Nurse makes after attending college for 4 years.
Think about that. While nursing may provide great benefits, depending on where you work.
Nurse = roughly 85k+, rigorous shifts that may be subject to change from graveyard to the standard 9-5, dealing with ill patients and the general nasty community.
Sexcam services = when you want, on your own time, takes 300% less effort, don’t have to deal with the community, but your reputation gets shot to shit because people look down at you for your being in the sex industry. (Secretly, I think people are jealous). 

A guy working for titanmen, a popular gay website, legit can make 10k a sex encounter. Straight guys? They do gay for pay because gay pornography actually pays more than straight for men. Women in the sex industry get paid even more than all aforementioned, way more than what a nurse or even some doctors could make. 
You can go to atlanta and become a stripper, make over 2k a day to shake your ass in front of disgusting men. 
2k x 365 = over 700k a year, take a way some holidays too even if you want.
I’m so done, America. You are the weirdest curve ball I have yet to understand.

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